Taiwan to Malaysia | 台湾到马来西亚

Why Choose Our Shipping Services | 为什么选择我们的运输服务
  1. Centrally pack parcels from different merchants and malls in Taiwan and ship them together.
  2. No need to worry about customs clearance issues from Taiwan to Malaysia.
  3. Systematically submit and track your Taiwan air parcels.
Taiwan Shipping Restrictions And Service Instructions | 台湾代运限制与服务须知
  1. Volumetric Weight Calculation: Shipping fee is based on actual weight or volumetric weight , whichever is heavier. (divide by 6000)
  2. Weight Limit: If a single box exceeds 25kg, please inform us in advance and make other arrangements. The weight of a single package cannot exceed 25kg.
  3. Over-length Limit: The length of any side (length, height or width) cannot exceed 100cm.
    超长限制:任意一边的长度(长,高或宽) 不能超过100cm
  4. Size Limit: The three sides added up (length + height + width cm) cannot exceed 150cm.
    体积限制:三边加起来(长+高+宽cm), 不能超过150cm
  5. Free Warehousing: Free warehousing for 10 days, if more than 10 days, each package will be charged RM1/day.
    免费仓储:免费仓储10天,超过10天每个包裹将征收 RM1/天
  6. Fragile Goods: Fragile goods in this industry are only responsible for transportation and not for compensation.
  7. Restricted Goods: lithium batteries, high-pressure gas cylinders, drugs (non-health food), alcohol and flammable liquids.
  8. Cargo Compensation: If it is confirmed that our responsibility causes the loss of the goods, compensation will be based on the declared value or a maximum of RM100 per kilogram, and the compensation for a single item will not exceed RM200. It is not possible to purchase additional insurance at this time.
    货物赔偿:若证实我方责任导致货物丢失,将依据申报价值或每公斤最高RM100 进行赔偿,单件赔偿不超过RM200 。 暂时无法额外购买保险。
  9. Customs Confiscation: If you are detained by the customs for mailing contraband, you will need to bear legal responsibility and pay a fine, and the goods will be destroyed and the freight will not be refunded.

Disclaimer: We only provide logistics services and will not compensate for personal/business losses caused by logistics delays. Please know!

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