Malaysia To China | 马来西亚到中国

Why Choose Our Shipping Services | 为什么选择我们的运输服务
  1. Centralized packaging from different Malaysian merchants
  2. No need to worry about customs clearance issues from Malaysia to China
  3. Systematically submit and track your air freight packages from Malaysia
China Shipping Restrictions And Service Instructions | 中国代运限制与服务须知
  1. Volumetric Weight Calculation: The actual weight must not differ from the declared weight by more than 20kg, otherwise it will be calculated at half of volumetric weight. For East Malaysia, the difference cannot exceed 10kg.
  2. Weight Limit: Individual package weight (actual weight) must not exceed 40kg (25kg for East Malaysia). If it exceeds this limit, please ask the seller to split it into two packages. Otherwise, an overweight fee will apply. Please consult customer service for the fee.
    重量限制:单个包裹重量(实重)不能超过40kg(东马则不能超过25kg) ,如超过请让卖家分两成两个包裹,否则需要收取超重费用 (请向客服咨询费用)
  3. ABX Delivery Weight Limit: A single package cannot exceed 25kg, if it exceeds, it will be transferred to other express delivery
    ABX派送重量限制:单个包裹不能超过25kg, 超出的话转其他快递派送
  4. Over-length Limit: The length of single package cannot exceed 150cm.Otherwise, an overlength fee will apply. Please consult customer service for the fee.
    超长限制:单个包裹体积长度不能超过150cm, 否则将收取超长费用(请向客服咨询费用)
  5. Size Limit: The three sides added up cannot exceed 240cm.Otherwise, an overweight fee will apply. Please consult customer service for the fee.
  6. Sensitive Goods: Oversized, overweight, or excessively long packages, considered sensitive cargo, must be shipped via sensitive cargo channels. Charges will apply accordingly. Please consult customer service for the fee.
  7. Fragile Goods: Fragile goods in this industry are only responsible for transportation and not for compensation.For fragile or easily damaged goods, customers are responsible for providing wooden crates or frames for protection.
  8. Insurance fee: Lost items will be compensated based on their value, up to three times the shipping cost. High-value items must be insured to receive 90% compensation of their value (shipping cost not refunded). The insurance fee is calculated at 6% of the item's value.
    保险费:货物丢失按照货物价值赔偿,最高按运费的3倍赔偿。高价值货物必须购买保险才能获得货值的90%赔偿( 运费没有退回)。保险费为货值的6%计算。
  9. Restriction for East Malaysia: Currently, only one item is allowed per shipment. Multiple items cannot be shipped together on a single consignment. (One consignment = one air freight batch / one airway bill)
    东马限制:目前限制一票只能一件货,不能一票多件。(一票 = 一批空运 / 一个空运单号)

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