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专业国际物流服务 Professional International Logistics Services

E Mayya Asia Sdn Bhd has years of experience in international logistics management and continuously improves our logistics service system. Through a series of professional transfer services such as transfer channels, fee standards, transportation types, value-added services, etc., our flexibly meets the diverse and personalized needs of cross-border e-commerce users. Currently, our company has developed multiple transshipment routes in countries such as the United States, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and China.

With the help of many years of professional cross-border logistics management experience, E Mayya Asia Sdn Bhd has a complete logistics network and logistics service management system. We implement standardized management in all aspects of goods warehousing, outbound, customs clearance, and delivery, allowing users to track the logistics status throughout the process.

E Mayya Asia Sdn Bhd has a team of professional leaders with rich experience and outstanding performance in the international express industry, focusing on cross-border e-commerce transfer services and exploring new logistics operation and service innovation models to truly provide users with comprehensive, convenient, and efficient services.

E Mayya Asia Sdn Bhd has years of experience in e-commerce. Based on the solid development of offline experience stores, it has created a new business model of "Experience Store + Internet" with new thinking. The company adopts a "3+3" innovative O2O business model, namely "Experience Store + Online Shopping Platform + Micro Store Platform" three sales models, plus "Product + Service + Shopping Method" three service models, to provide quality-assured international imported products to thousands of customers.
E Mayya Asia Sdn Bhd 拥有多年国际物流管理经验,不断完善物流服务体系,通过转运渠道、收费标准、运输类型、增值服务等一系列专业转运服务,灵活满足海淘用户多样化及个性化的需求。目前,我司已开发美国、日本、新加坡、台湾、中国等多国转运线路。全程货物跟踪 借力于多年专业跨境物流管理经验,E Mayya Asia Sdn Bhd 拥有完善的物流网络及物流服务管理体系,对商品的入库、出库、清关、派送等环节全面推行规范化管理,用户可全程跟踪物流状态。E Mayya Asia Sdn Bhd 拥有一批从事多年国际快递行业经验丰富及出色的专业领导团队,全力专注于海淘转运服务,探索新的物流运营和服务创新模式,真正为用户提供全方面、便捷、高效的服务。

E Mayya Asia Sdn Bhd 拥有多年电商从业经验,在稳固发展线下体验店的基础上,以 “体验店+互联网” 的新思维,打造O2O新型商业模式。本公司采用 “3+3” 式创新O2O经营模式,即 “体验店+网购平台+微店平台” 3种销售模式,加 “产品+服务+购物方式” 3种服务模式,为万千客户提供有品质保障的国际化进口产品。

企业文化 Corporate culture

企业使命 Mission

To be a promoter of trust and harmony between people

企业愿景 Vision

Creating a convenient and beautiful urban life, enjoying surprise experiences multiple times

企业目标 Enterprise goal

To become a globally recognized shopping platform for consumers

品牌诠释 Brand interpretation

A gathering hub, gathers the world, gathers quality, and gathers life

经营理念 Business philosophy

Persistence in quality, excellence in service

产品定位 Product positioning

Safe, healthy, and high-quality

服务宗旨 Service tenet

Honesty, sincerity, innovation, dedication